PC Games

The Med Life

"The MedLife" is an extensive medical game project that would be available in series based on the concept of making the player (who can be medico or a non-medico) aware of the onset and advancing symptoms of various medical problems, as well as of the specific medical procedures on how to manage them in the best possible way. This medical game progresses level by level in series as the player attains scores by selecting the right answer from the options given.

The Med Life / MMO

TrueForm Games under its label is currently engaged in developing one of its ambitious MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) project.

The objective of the game is to educate the target audience and provide them a better & comprehensive understanding about the human body, its organs, diseases & their cures in an interactive & fun way, i.e. play and learn at the same time. Most of the features in the game will be F2P (Free to Play) while some of them will be P2P (Pay to Play). The game will have a Free & a Premium Membership option.

Mobile Games

Catch The Drop

A skill based Puzzle Game.

Catch the drop is a casual game controlled by the gyro-sensor or accelerometer of your mobile devices. The core concept of the game is to collect all the water drops available through an actor drop which will be controlled by the player. This game is divided into multiple levels in which the player has to collect all the drops spread on a canvas/Object. As the player successfully collects all the drops he/she will jump to the next level.

Assemble The Word

A fun game for kids to learn the words with training and test modes.

In this game, there will be alphabets (A-Z) which will display on the screen. Players will have to swipe the correct alphabet one by one in order to make the correct word which will display on the screen. Apart from matching the word, there will be few alphabets which will be missing from the word, players will have to find the missing alphabet, from the alphabets displayed on the screen.

Pulse Evaluation

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BP Traditional

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BP Digital

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