This Privacy Policy covers how True Form Games private limited (TFG) or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates (collectively “True Form Games private limited (TFG)”) treats personal information that True Form Games private limited (TFG) collects and receives in connection with your use of and/or the games and applications offered by True Form Games private limited (TFG). This includes software that you have downloaded or are about to download, any software that you have embedded on a web site or are about to embed (“True Form Games private limited (TFG) Games”), any applications created by True Form Games private limited (TFG) and available through social networking sites (“SNS Apps”), any applications created by True Form Games private limited (TFG) and available through mobile devices (“Mobile Apps”), any software running on True Form Games private limited (TFG)’servers, (“True Form Games private limited (TFG) Software”), content, related documentation, information on the True Form Games private limited (TFG) domain, and information made available by users to each other through the True Form Games private limited (TFG) Software (collectively, the “Service”). Your privacy is important to us and, as described in this Privacy Policy, we have designed the Service to protect information about you from unauthorized disclosure to others.

This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use and, in certain circumstances, share your personally identifying information. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. This Privacy Policy is framed in view of the Information Technology Act, 2000 read with Regulation 4 of the Information technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule ("COPPA"), The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other applicable Laws and regulations. By registering for, accessing, using, and/or downloading any Service, you agree to True Form Games private limited (TFG).’ Privacy Policy and that you will abide by True Form Games private limited (TFG).’ Terms of Service. Among other things, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information as outlined in this Privacy Policy, as such policy may be amended from time to time. We may update the Privacy Policy and if we do, we will post a notice that changes have been made on the website You should visit this page periodically to review any changes to the Privacy Policy.

Types of Information

Personal Information: Personal information is any information that can be used to identify an individual, including but not limited to first and last name, temporary and personal address, telephone number, date of birth, age, gender, e-mail address or other contact information, financial information including bank account information, credit/debit card information or other payment information. An individual's sensitive personal data or information (“SPDI”) includes personal information about that individual regarding: Passwords, financial information (bank accounts, credit/debit cards or other payment instruments), physical information. The Company limits the collection of personal information to what is necessary for the intended purpose.

Business information: Business information means any information that can be used to identify a person’s business, including, but not limited to, the name and address of the business, the date of incorporation, the e-mail address of the business, the contact information of the registered office, the corporate identification number (CIN), financial information including bank account information, PAN, the names of directors and other information (hereinafter referred to as “business information").

Non-personal information: Non-personal information is information that does not specifically identify an individual or company, but information about you, such as your browser type, the URL of previously visited websites, your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your operating system, and your Internet Protocol (IP) address. Company may collect non-personal information about how many people visit the Site, which pages they visit, their IP address, and the type of browser they used when visiting the Site (referred to below as “non-personal information”).

The Company may also collect Non-Personal Information that you voluntarily provide, such as information you provide in response to a questionnaire or survey conducted by the Company.

Usage Information: Usage Information includes, without limitation, all data and information automatically collected through the Site (or through third-party analytics providers) as a result of use of and access to the Site in the form of system management data, statistical and demographic data, and operational information and data generated by or characterizing use of the Site, collected, including but not limited to non-personal information, cookies, website traffic, time spent on the website, number of visits to the website, and other similar information and behaviors indicative of how the website is used (hereinafter referred to as “Usage Data”). Personal information, SPDI, business information, non-personal information and usage information are hereinafter referred to as “Information”.

What we Collect-

True Form Games private limited (TFG) offers you several options regarding the information you give us:

When you register a profile with True Form Games private limited (TFG), your profile, including all information (name, address, gender) will be registered with True Form Games private limited (TFG). If you identify yourself on a True Form Games private limited (TFG). website, you may identify yourself with a True Form Games private limited (TFG). account. If you identify yourself on a True Form Games private limited (TFG). Page, you may identify yourself using a social network account through which True Form Games private limited (TFG). can obtain additional information about your profile.

In any case, we will collect and record the information you provide. Other than names and email addresses that you provide to us at your discretion, we generally do not collect “personal information" about our users (such as social security number, address, driver's license number, etc.), with the exception of billing and payment information, where we store your billing information such as name, address and phone number. We may provide you with the opportunity to submit other information about yourself (such as gender, age, occupation, hobbies, interests, zip code, etc.), or we may collect this information from social networks where you have used True Form Games private limited (TFG). Games or used SNS apps (in accordance with the terms of use of those systems), which would then also be covered by this Privacy Policy.

Note that most True Form Games private limited (TFG). Software is offered through SNS apps, it is your responsibility to read and accept their terms of use and privacy policy before proceeding. If you use a mobile app, which includes phones and other devices such as tablets, you agree that information about your use of the Service may be shared with us by your mobile device and your mobile carrier. Your mobile carrier’s standard charges and rates apply, including without limitation charges for text messages, and you assume responsibility for all charges. When you invite new members to your network or send messages through the Service, we collect and store on secure servers the information associated with those messages, including email addresses and content.

We may use information about you that we collect from other sources, including but not limited to newspapers and Internet sources such as blogs, instant messaging services, True Form Games private limited (TFG) users collect to supplement your profile. True Form Games private limited (TFG) may contain links to other websites. We are, of course, not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites. We encourage our users to read the privacy statements of each and every website that collects personally identifiable information when they leave our site. This privacy policy applies solely to information collected by True Form Games private limited (TFG).

You should also be aware that most of the content is provided by True Form Games private limited (TFG). The games come from another content provider. These other content providers may place “cookies” on your browser or otherwise collect information about you, including by asking you to provide information about the site itself
Finally, in order to provide the best possible service and to allow us to make certain internal reports and recommendations, we collect aggregate information about the use of the Service, including information about users who access the True Form Games private limited (TFG) site, True Form Games private limited (TFG). Games, use of SNS apps on other websites, or use of mobile apps, such as internet protocol addresses, browser type, browser language, referring/exit pages and URLs, other browsing history, platform type, number of clicks, domain names, destination pages, pages viewed and the order of those pages, time spent on specific pages, and date and time (“Activity Information”).

By using the Service, you consent to our retaining all the above-described information in anonymous form as long as True Form Games private limited (TFG) sees fit.

Children Under the Age of 13

True Form Games private limited (TFG) are intended to be appropriate for general audiences and are not directed to children (usually considered to be under 13, depending on where you reside). According to applicable legal and regulatory obligations, such as the U.S. Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA"), True Form Games private limited (TFG) will not intentionally collect personal information from children without parental approval. However, some of our games are intended and directed to children of any age.

We may kindly request that you furnish us with age-related information to enable us to comply with laws such as COPPA. For instance, we may solicit your date of birth to ascertain whether COPPA necessitates that we obtain verifiable parental consent from your parent or guardian before granting you access to the True Form Games private limited (TFG) services. In the event that a user identifies as a COPPA minor, we shall mandate that the user undergoes a parental approval process before proceeding to access the relevant True Form Games private limited (TFG) services. This process is intended to notify parents that their child has requested access to the True Form Games private limited (TFG) services, apprise them of True Form Games private limited (TFG) practices, provide them with the opportunity to approve TFG Collections and use of their child's information as outlined in this policy, and elucidate the controls that we make available to them.

Upon receiving parental consent, we offer parents the opportunity to review and modify crucial account settings that regulate their child's interaction with the True Form games. Parents may also alter or revoke their previous choices and review their child's personal information associated with their account or request its deletion from our systems. To submit such requests or inquire about our handling of your child's personal information, please contact us at ""

Children Between the Ages of 13 and 18

We recommend that minors over the age of 13 ask their parents for permission before sending any information about themselves to anyone over the Internet.

How We Use Your Information

We do not disclose your Personally Identifiable Information to any third party for sale or rental. However, we may use non-personally identifiable information about you and public information to determine your content preferences and assist advertisers in targeting their ads. We may also use your contact information to notify you of new products, services, and solicit feedback. With your consent, we may send push and local notifications to your mobile device. We use the information you provide to manage your account, respond to inquiries, offer products and services, improve our website, and manage our relationship with you. We may disclose information if required by law or to protect our rights and property. We may also share information with partners to provide and improve our services.

Controlling Your Personal Information

Please be informed that any messages or materials containing personal information that you send or post may be collected and utilized by third parties. You have the option to terminate your account at any time, which will result in the removal of your profile and other personal information from public view. It is important to note that True Form Games Private Limited (TFG) may retain information about you on its system even after your account has been terminated, although this is not an obligation. For further inquiries regarding your personal information or to terminate your account, please contact TFG.

Others' Information

You have the option to furnish us with the email address of another individual to invite them to join True Form Games Private Limited (TFG) or to facilitate communication with others through the Service, such as when uploading an address book. Additionally, you may provide us with contact information for the purpose of delivering information through SNS Apps or Mobile Apps. We utilize this information to contact and, if necessary, remind the individual that they have been invited to join TFG or received content through an SNS App or Mobile App. All invitees have the choice to opt-out of receiving further invitations from TFG. We may disclose this information if required to comply with legal processes, as previously mentioned.


To optimize your browsing experience on our website, we utilize "cookies". Cookies are text files that our Company places in your browser to store your preferences. These files do not reveal your email address or other personally identifiable information unless you choose to provide it to us by registering on our website. Cookies are designed to hold a small amount of data specific to a user and website and can be accessed by the web server or user device. We use cookies to analyze site usage and improve content and offerings, personalize your experience, and offer products, programs, or services. Third-party cookies may also be used, which we do not control. Session cookies are automatically deleted once a session ends, and most cookies are session cookies. You may decline cookies, but doing so may limit your access to certain features and require frequent password re-entry.

Use of Information

True Form Games Private Limited (TFG) may feature hyperlinks to external websites, and the content of TFG's games, mobile apps, and SNS apps may be hosted by third-party websites. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, the majority of TFG's content is provided through its games or SNS apps, which are served or hosted by other websites. These external websites have their own policies concerning cookies and the collection and utilization of personal data. It is your responsibility to examine these policies independently.

Control Over Your Personal Information

As a user, you possess the right to revoke your consent at any given time. This can be done by notifying the Company in writing via email at If you wish to rectify any of your Personal Information, you may also contact the Company in writing. Once you withdraw your consent to share your Personal Information, the Company may choose not to fulfill the original purpose for which it was collected. Additionally, the Company may restrict your access to the website and/or its services. If you wish to delete your account and discontinue using the Company's services, you may do so in accordance with the Company's terms of service and/or any other agreement you may have with the Company. For further assistance, please contact the Company at

Rectification/Correction of Personal Information

As a user of our website, you are entitled to review and modify any Personal Information you have submitted directly on the site. However, please note that any changes made may impact your ability to use our services and may also affect our ability to provide those services to you. To ensure accurate delivery of our services, we reserve the right to verify and authenticate your identity and account information. Please be aware that access to or correction, updating, or deletion of your Personal Information may be limited or denied if it violates another person's rights or is not permitted by applicable law. If you need to update or correct your Personal Information, please contact us at, citing the reason for the rectification. We will make all reasonable efforts to incorporate the changes within a reasonable period of time.

Third-Party Advertising Companies

At True Form Games private limited (TFG), we utilize third-party advertising companies to display ads on our website, as well as on certain TFG Games, Mobile Apps, and SNS Apps. Our system, along with the third-party advertising technology, utilizes information obtained from Activity Information, TFG cookies, your visits to our site, the TFG Games you view, and the SNS Apps and Mobile Apps you use to target advertising within our site, TFG Games, Mobile Apps, or SNS Apps. Additionally, our advertisers may use other third-party advertising technology to target advertising on our site and other sites. We do not provide any Personally Identifiable Information to third-party advertising companies.


At True Form Games Private Limited (TFG), we prioritize the security of our users' information. To this end, we employ standard, industry-wide, commercially reasonable security practices such as encryption, firewalls, and SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to protect the information we collect. We store this information securely within our databases. However, it is important to note that while encryption technology is effective, no security system is completely impenetrable. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the security of our databases or the information you transmit to us over the internet or wireless communication. Any information you transmit to TFG is done so at your own risk. If you have any questions about our website's security, please contact us at

Additional Questions

Again, feel free to contact us by sending an email to, any time, if you have further questions about True Form Games private limited (TFG) or the Privacy Policy.